Hopeful. Unnamed. 

Dear Us,

                         We’re not done yet.

                                        Sincerely yours,            





I am a house.

Inside a labyrinth.

Red brick walls
Cement sticks.
I know my way
I made the pattern exclusively.
Though to say; with these patterns
I saw, I seen and I’ve been present,
Sometimes to my fault of lost.
Made so thick, so crimson-
A hint of a noir soul
A hint unhinged
But, her naturally haunting beauty remains.
When the day remained to be at its will,
Filled with strength?
Her walls-


Looked in the mirror to see a reflectionThat wasn’t me, stared till eyes dried With-out a blink

No movement

Held on strong and still

Emotions overloaded

When I realized I was staring straight back at me

I said just take me, I can’t do this no more

Secrets are not meant to hide out too long

I’ve been lonely since the day I lost sight of you

While staring to long to find my face, smeared and wiped to perfection.        Visibly you’re by my side, but you’re only as heavy as a shadow,                                  That only comes out on a sunny day          But it’s dark where I am at                          And without the sun I can’t find you.

Mirror in hand, face to face.                      With a reflection I lost to reality.                   Of whom I was meant to be

White pill find me.