Hopeful. Unnamed. 

Dear Us,

                         We’re not done yet.

                                        Sincerely yours,            




The spark that ignited flames🔥🌙

This distance between, a vocal memory
The silence you speak, so loud, in words you’ll mute.

You flew far in our short time.

Close to where the skies touch the emotions of our universe.

In separate lives.

Our parallels still speak

This distance; still meets.

I sit and wonder where you’d be-

I lie to wonder everything.

What meant you and I, there’s no coincidence as our stars, shined that March night.

Devine as she spoke, emotions overflowed.

  Embers to the wind, blinded sparks.


I am a house.

Inside a labyrinth.

Red brick walls
Cement sticks.
I know my way
I made the pattern exclusively.
Though to say; with these patterns
I saw, I seen and I’ve been present,
Sometimes to my fault of lost.
Made so thick, so crimson-
A hint of a noir soul
A hint unhinged
But, her naturally haunting beauty remains.
When the day remained to be at its will,
Filled with strength?
Her walls-

The meadows 

In an endless embrace, my heart beats slowly faster

Thoughts of the world erase

With your breath of winter

Touch so soft, it hurts

Your scent makes me tremble

Awaken hidden comforts-

You’re my drug that makes me numb
From my soul to my fingertips 

Only you can make me cum

With your wine taste lips.

 Your kisses leave me breathless

Drives me anxious

Caress me with soberness

To our dark and endless place

Weaken my muscles 

Our eyes close

Floating on dreams of a lucid overdose