This pure heart of mine, I’ve given to my earth sign without a key.

She speaks, vocally burying me in the death of her words — I’m shackled.

Tragedy, you left me; with a bleeding heart.

Such a bondage tied in your castle of lies,

Making me believe you were here for me.

So, now if that gives you strength, go along with your hidden traverse.

Travel your pass.

Leave what’s left of me.

You never noticed me, I was just a shadow where you can live, taken advantage.

I’ll depart famously, with the strength of my own being, no longer would I forgive the bull!

I wish you the best in your search for stay.

For I am a woman setting free from your destructive foundation, loosening hands that 

Can’t feel, crumbling cement.

You’ve dried,

Now watch me move.

Now watch me set you free – this is my final goodbye.

My house a lock, you without key.