I know I’m that person you need

When you think of me

In time in knowing

There’s no forever

Not us, it’s not me

Let me find out who I am

When love is in hearts of strangers

That I love and she holds me in wide-open palms

With strings in knots, tethered and new

I can’t believe in forever, if forever is being with you

Forgive me my love

I’m not strong for this

I can’t suffice to be what you make of me

When time is motion

My future becomes my past

Teach me how to love

How to make me love

Even if it makes me sick

And judged

There’s no us

When I can’t be myself

Trying to please everyone

I need time, time to think

Time to begin my false start

Being dead inside

Heart to pieces, bruised without breath, suffocating in blue

I never wanted to hurt you

Not like this

It’s my fought, my change, I can’t be true

To you nor me

Sorry for hurting you, truly

Forgive me.

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